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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Deaf Dog Growth Spurt

Want to see how much our little puppy Shadowfax has grown?  Check out this picture from the I'm Watching You post back in mid-August of last year.
Now a picture from the same spot that I took this week.
Isn't crazy how big she's gotten?  She's grown like two feet in under a year!!! At this rate she'll be 10 feet tall in a few years, like a spazzy deaf version of Clifford the Big Red dog.  I sense impending destruction shall be wrought upon the house if this growth trend continues.

OK, so what really happened is we put a trunk underneath that window in the mud room.  Alycia and her Mom covered the trunk with a carpet remnant and it's now a prefect perch for the puppy to watch the back yard happenings.  Did you really think she'd gotten that big?  Hadja going there didn't I???

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Donna@GWGT said...

Really scary to see a 10 foot dog. But, they do grow fast, too fast, too. Puppyhood turns into a blur.