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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Thoughts of Spring and a TED Talk - Ron Finley

As I sit, prone on the couch, recovering from my knee surgery, I'm doing just about everything I can to keep from climbing the walls.  I've had some brief sporadic attacks of cabin fever and I'd give just about anything to go for a walk or a run, or just about any manner of physical activity.  Heck even a spirited mosey or saunter would be fine.  Unfortunately the optimal position for me is reclined, knee elevated, frozen in carbonite encased in ice packs. 

Alycia has been a kind and helpful nurse, much more nurturing than I thought possible.  But I feel that even her kindness has limits and there are days when I fear she is close to beating me about the torso (even in her rage I'm sure she'd avoid hitting my delicate knee) with my own crutches. Frankly I wouldn't blame her if she did.

It doesn't help the cabin fever urges within me that hints of Spring are tantalizingly in the air - seed catalogs, Daylight Savings, brochures for gardening events, snow melting, oh please just stop! Sure I know that this is only temporary. In a few more weeks I'll be back on my feet, walking around, starting seeds indoors and preparing for Spring. 
That's why this TED Talk by Ron Finley was just what I needed.  I highly suggest you watch if you have 10 minutes, very entertaining.

Thanks to the awesome blog Root Simple (you should read this blog) for tuning me on to this

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