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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Washington DC Trip

Alycia took a trip to Washington DC last month for a grant writing seminar.  She's swamped with end-of-semester stuff, so I'm going to post her pictures for her. This might seem weird, but it's the only way these will ever get posted.  I mean we still have many pictures from our trip to England (last Fall) that we haven't posted yet...sigh.
There were still a few cherry blossoms.  And there were apparently more than a few locals who were sick of the cherry blossom related tourists.
Ford's Theater where Lincoln was shot.  It was once a government office building and is now a museum. 
I've only been to Washington DC once and found it an interesting mix of historical places, interesting things to learn, and solemn spots where words aren't necessary.
The Washington Monument was 75% covered in scaffolding due to an earthquake retrofit. 
The World War II Memorial.  Each state has marker and wreath. Alycia made sure to visit the marker for both North Dakota and California.
The Smithsonian Castle.  This was Alycia's best photo, well done.  Composition, framing, awesome.
The gardens outside the Smithsonian Castle.
Tulips in the flower library.  I never knew that there was a living flower library in Washington DC. 
Alycia couldn't remember what building this was.  She thinks it's the Jefferson Memorial...
She made sure to visit the Internal Revenue Service Building just for me.  That's how us accountants roll.
Alycia also felt compelled to stop by the Canadian Embassy for some reason.  She does have many Canadian students, and there are always Canadian shoppers here in town on the weekend, so I had Alycia pick up a US-Canada dictionary so we could learn some useful phrases to help communicate with our neighbors to the North. 

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Rosemary said...

Sounds like a great trip and you're right, these are fantastic photos of the Smithsonian!