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Saturday, May 4, 2013

World Naked Gardening Day

Did you know that today, Saturday May 4, 2013, is World Naked Gardening Day?  I kind of doubt that you knew that, but just in case you were looking for a way to legitimize your urge to perform some gardening chores whilst naked, today's your chance.

Special thanks to the folks at Root Simple for making us aware of this holiday.  And in case you think I'm kidding, you can check out World Naked Gardening Day's website, but be warned, it isn't as awesome as you think. There are a lot of pictures of naked folks doing everyday gardening chores like weed-whacking and pruning trees (two chores that while performing I would strongly prefer to be wearing more clothes, not less). 

Will we be participating in World Naked Gardening Day here at the homestead?  Well, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out.  OK, I'll end the suspense now.  We will NOT be gardening naked (at least not today...) and will NOT be posting pictures of us gardening naked, sorry.  Did I ruin the suspense?

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