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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cummings-Chappell Wedding Announcement

My mother couldn't wait any longer for us to be proper Midwesterners - meaning that one of the rites of passage is the wedding announcement in the local paper, which in this case is the Cavalier Chronicle.

John and I made the Community News page on Wednesday, October 30. Below you can see what other captivating news was happening that day in Pembina County, ND.


Andy said...

Interesting. But how do I find out more about the China Painters Guild?

El Gaucho said...

Andy - You would have had to attended the open house at Karen Anderson's home on November 12th. Sorry. Is there no China Painting Guild in the cultural wasteland of Los Angeles?

Andy said...

Never mind. On further reading, I realize now that by joining this guild I will not be able to have incredible, Oriental art adorning my walls, but rather, cups and vases covered with flowers. My bad.