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Friday, November 15, 2013

Your Immediate Attention Required

Hello all.  I don't ask you for much.  In fact I don't think I've ever asked you for anything.  Heck I don't even give you grief for never clicking on the awesome ads (sarcasm intended) that I have, but that's OK. Now I need you to step up.

I need you to go and vote for Alycia (Contestant #24 - spelled Alisha) and her dancing colleague Sarah. Please, please help Alycia realize her dream of being a Doctor of not just Speech /Language Communication, but also a Dr. of Funk. Vote Now for Contestant #24. Vote Often.

Go HERE and vote for Alisha (sp) and Sarah in a fancy dancing contest being held at the Annual Convention for Speech Pathologists.

Seriously, go do it now.  Vote as many times as you are allowed.  Do it now.


Andy said...

I of course have voted 10 times already, given the slipshod standards that are only slightly below 3rd world-quality Deaf-Dog-of-the-Year/puppet government quality....

Where's the integrity?

Karen said...

Your wish is my command, the votes have been cast. Loved the glasses and the boa.

El Gaucho said...

Karen - Thanks!!!!

Andy - Why can't a a simple online vote be taken at face value? Sometimes a request for your vote isn't a deeper meditation on the perils/benefits of democracy, sometimes it's just a solicitation of your opinion on which SLP shook their booty(s) the bestest.

Caley said...


El Gaucho said...

Caley - Yes I just found out that voting ended at Noon CST, sorry. The good news is that she won 2nd place!!! More information to follow.