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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Deaf Dog Indoor Playtime

It's winter here in North Dakota.  It's been cold for the past few weeks and there's snow on the ground with (possibly much) more on the way this week.  When it gets cold outside, doggie playtime moves indoors and we have to get creative to come up with adequate adventures for the pups.  Luckily sometimes they do the work for us and just wrestle and chase each other. 

So maybe it isn't the most compelling video, but it's been a while since we posted a video of the dogs playing.  I mean...this is Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes after all! 

You may notice in the video that Shaak Ti always jumps over the section of hardwood floor between the two carpets in the living room/dining room.  We became aware a few years ago that this section of floor is actually is hot lava, never to be touched. It would have been nice for the real estate agent to disclose to us that we had hot lava in the house before we bought it, but apparently that's not a mandatory disclosure here in North Dakota. 


Anonymous said...

The "syrup" is most likely a result of turkey pieces and parts from Thanksgiving. (and perhaps a touch of pie)

John the Elder

Lindsay said...

You can just see Tito is staking out (or moping depending on your viewpoint) in the dog kennel in the background. Ahh to be the elder statemsman...

El Gaucho said...

Lindsay - Yes, he's in there for his own protection, but ready to dart out at moments notice, like a Moray Eel.

Karen said...

I think your dogs should star in their own exercise video, that's quite the workout.

Great job on leaping the hot lava!