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Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Pictures from North Dakota

I haven't really posted any snowy winter pictures at all this year.  But now that we're nearing late-February and the possibility of winter ending seems real, I think I can muster the wherewithal to post some pictures of the homestead in the snow.

We've gotten a lot of snow this winter.  No huge storms, just a lot of Alberta Clippers that have swept through and dropped 2-3 inches, or quick overnight storms that left 4-6 inches.  We've had about 44 inches of snow this season, which is a bit above average.  These are the apple trees in the garden, and they're about 9 feet tall. 
The front of the house with snow piled up. The front of the house faces North and even though there isn't much roof surface that faces that direction, the snow really piles up on the little roof area that's available.
The bird feeders in the front yard.  These branches that the feeders are hanging from are between 5 and 7 feet tall, but with all the snow pack they're almost at eye level.  All the snow makes it super convenient for the squirrels and bunnies, they can just sit right up and get the sunflower seeds. 
But the picture that really puts it into perspective is this next one, a picture of the front berm on the North side of the homestead.  Just a big pile of snow with no definition, or anything near it to give you perspective.  What a great shot 'eh?  I included this photo as a public shaming to myself to never take pictures like this again.


Karen said...

I think all the photos are equally amazing, the trees look so short! This looks very similar to our abode, too. I walked by my living room window tonight and was shocked to see the snow is almost level with the bottom. All of the snowfalls this year have been extremely light and fluffy, does this hold true for your area, too?

El Gaucho said...

Karen - We had a few wind events with some of our snows and that ground up the snow and made it pretty compact, but other than that it has been a year of fluffy snow. All in all, I can't complain since fluffy snow = easier shoveling.

Anonymous said...

It really has been a year for snow. Drifting here has been a problem with the wind. I agree with Karen, things look like they are shrinking in the garden. But Spring will come and all will show again. Heck, it might be 55° this weekend and the plants might float away after all this snow melts.