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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bird Sightings - American Goldfinch, Rose Breasted Grosbeak

One of our favorite hobbies over the years has become watching, identifying, and enjoying birds - both in the yard and when we wander about the country.  We've been watching the bird feeders in the front yard with great expectations, waiting for the residents to return from the winter homes, and eagerly hoping to spot the migratory birds that stop by for a snack on their way to far off lands. 

Alycia was taking a Sunday morning nap on the couch when I spotted the first American Goldfinch of the year.  I was debating whether or not to wake her up, but figured that she'd be pretty stoked to see it.  Indeed she was.  It wasn't more than an hour later when the first Rose Breasted Grosbeak showed up too!! 
Spring is pretty awesome around here.  The whole homestead is thrumming with birdsong, chatter, chirping, squeeking, and fluttering of wings.  It's seemingly everywhere and Alycia and I are soaking it all in.  
One of the great things about blogging is that it's easy to access information about prior years.  With a quick search I can see when the first Goldfinch showed up last year, and when the first Rose Breasted Grosbeak appeared.  Yay for blogging!!

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Anonymous said...

Your garden is flush in Gold too. Where the heck did they all come from, it never happened in my garden before. The little buggers ignore their thistle until the other feeders run dry too. Weirdly, I have the Grosbeaks too, 3 nesting pairs. Never happened before. Oh well, we count our blessings.