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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blue Scilla - First Blooms of Spring

We've written about blue scillia before on Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes.  Every year we eagerly await their appearance in a handful of spots on the homestead.  Even though the flowers themselves are fairly small, they bloom at a time when literally nothing else is flowering, so they really pop out.  They're the one splash of color on an otherwise drab palette as plants try to push through the last hold of winter and begin greening up, growing, and blooming.  
The blue scilla are the first bulbs to pop every year.  They're a tiny delicate blue flower, and the plant itself is only 2-3 inches high.  They're supposed to naturalize here in Zone 4 and they're started to do so, spreading out in larger clumps in a few places.  These are actually native to Russia and do very well in our cold climate with long winters. 
These little blue flowers are the most powerful sign that Spring has finally arrived and a very welcome sight on the homestead here in North Dakota. 

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Debra said...

The first flowers of spring are often small and barely noticeable but imagine how brave you have to be to be the first. They don't have to be flashy to make my favourites list. They just need to be there. =)