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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shaak Ti's Sweater

After a successful sweater venture with Shadowfax, my mom decided that Shaak Ti needed a sweater too. After all you can't have one of the grand-dogs running around with a sweater and one go sweaterless.  Here are the photos from her first sweater fitting.
Shadowfax was a little bit jealous that she wasn't getting the same level of attention as Shaak Ti.  We tried to explain that she already had her sweater experience, but she wanted no part of the explanation. 
A sweater fitting can turn into a tummy rub session at the drop of a hat.  I can personally vouch for this fact.  
Grandma takes some measurements to make sure that it fits nice and tight on Shaak Ti's tummy. 
One person measures, one person gives Shaak Ti pets. 
Poor Shadowfax sits and waits for her turn for attention. 
Tito hangs out in his bed and is a shining beacon of indifference...and anger.  This is his "I frickin' dare you to try to put a damn sweater on me."
Grandpa can't help much on the sweater knitting front, but he's always available to give lots of pets. 
All this attention is making her sleepy.
While my mom loves all of our dogs, Shaak Ti is her favorite. Here they're having a nice talk, which ended with Shaak Ti giving grandma a kiss. 

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Anonymous said...

That is really cute. I like how it is short too, it looks like a sweater.