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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Peony Blooms

The blog may have been quiet, but we've been busy bees here at the homestead.  Spring planting and clean up projects, along with overdue hardscape additions and modifications are enough to keep any gardener busy. But we had a much needed week long vacation at the end of May and had to accomplish everything in a compressed time frame.  The inevitable result was a lack pictures and postings. 
It's amazing what a week away can bring.  We left North Dakota with cool Spring weather, no mosquitoes, and the last of the bulbs blooming.  We returned to find the lawns fully emerged from dormancy and growing rapidly, warm late-Spring weather, mosquitoes aplenty, and the annuals that we had planted before departing starting to establish themselves.  Oh, and we came back to the peonies blooming. 
The peonies don't bloom for very long, perhaps just two or three weeks.  But it's quite a show when they do bloom, huge profusions of brightly colored blossoms.  Before the vacation I also (finally!) found system for staking the peonies that works great...I'll detail that in another post. 
As always, my supervisors watched from their perch, making sure I'm not slacking off.  They're true taskmasters, regularly barking at me to work faster. 

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