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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Crazy Spring Weather in North Dakota

Spring weather here in North Dakota has some wild swings.  Thunderstorms, hot days, sudden cold snaps, you name it, it can and does happen.  Two weeks ago it was 80 degrees and we were in the midst of a drought, everyone was talking about how little precipitation the area had received.  Farmers were able to get out into the fields and start planting, some a month or more ahead of schedule.

Then over the last week, we've gotten multiple inches of rain, almost 2 inches on Sunday alone.  The rain front passed through and now we're getting booming cold North winds and even a little bit of snow.  Yes snow, in Mid May.  The white blurry spots on the picture below are snowflakes.  It wasn't a blizzard or anything, but off and on snow showers most of the day. 

The final oddity was temperatures down to 27 degrees last night, a hard frost.  I had to scramble and cover the few annuals that I'd already planted so they didn't get frost bitten.  The good news is that the rest of the week is forecast for sunny and pleasant, and then we're nearing the time of year (late-May) where it would be REALLY strange to get a frost. 

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