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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Shadowfax, Shaak Ti and Cold Weather

The weather has finally turned chilly here in North Dakota.  We're not complaining (much) since we're had a fantastic run of warm and dry weather so far this Fall.  We've been able to squeeze an extra 2-3 weeks of garden time out of some of our flowers (more pictures in a later post), but that came to an abrupt end this week with a shot of snow and a few days of cold, strong winds. 
The dogs are adjusting to the onset of winter as they usually do, by hunkering down in their heated dog beds and snuggling under their warming blankets.  Shadowfax is generally the more sprawling of the two. 
This is Shaak Ti's "Why don't you get your butt over here and tuck me in under my blankie?" face.  We tuck the dogs a few dozen times a day.  Essentially every time we get up for anything, we're also tucking them in. Yes they're pretty dang spoiled.
This is a pretty typical afternoon scene, the girls sitting on the floor and snuggling together. Shadowfax sure knows how to pose for the camera. 


Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at DDBG! I love the snuggling canines, they look so comfy! No snow here yet, just a wet and wild night. I'm no football fan, but was in Green Bay tonight for some last minute shopping (I'm cooking Thanksgiving supper tomorrow night) and the Packer fans must be miserable sitting in the stadium with driving rain and temps in the low 30's. Brrrr...they could use a blankie!

El Gaucho said...

Thanks Karen, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!!