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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Heated Dog Beds Make Happy Pups

As the weather gets colder here in Grand Forks, North Dakota, attention turns to keeping warm.  We've always had dog bed warming inserts in several beds.  We purchased a few more heating inserts recently to try to ensure that everyone has a warmed bed to choose from.
The results are predictable, everyone lines up to make sure their tummies and noggins are adequately heated.

These dog bed warming inserts are significant components of the dogs daily routines, especially throughout the winter months.  If you have dog beds that have an outer cover, you can just slip this heater in the dog bed and run the electrical cord discretely out one end. 

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Karen said...

Oh, the dog bed warmers; I still have both of ours. I used to cheat and stand on their beds when I came in from skiing. Teddy would often start out on his bed and end up half off and half on it as he grew too warm. It was a comical sight, and your photos reminded me of the good ol' days.