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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Snoozin' Pooches and Garden Chores

It's been another long break since our last post.  My stars have things been busy around here!  Busy for the humans at least, the pooches haven't participated in this sustained onslaught of busy times, they've been their usual sleepy, slacker selves.

One cause of our jam-packed schedules has been the beautiful weather we've had over the past few weeks.  Little to no rain and daytime high temperatures in the 50's and 60's have abounded.  Knowing that snow and cold are around the corner, we've seized upon this great weather and been busy in the gardens; raking leaves, clearing out garden beds, and preparing the homestead for winter. 

And today, Sunday November 6th we had our Annual Daylight Savings Celebration.  This is where we try to explain to Shaak Ti that is in fact only 4:00am, not 5:00am and it is NOT time to get up yet.  No amount of bargaining or explaining or rationalizing has ever seemed to work with Shaak Ti, and thus what should be a glorious day of an extra hour of sleep becomes another early dog walk in the darkness.  This has been an annual celebration in our household for almost a decade. 


Karen said...

Daylight Savings Time. Blech. Ok, that's not a very eloquent way to express myself, but it fits. It usually takes me a few days to get over the time change. Carl never changes the clock in his 1989 Oldsmobile, so now it's correct again. (Until we switch back in the spring, Carl doesn't like to do unnecessary work.) Hasn't this weather been amazing? We're ripping up the River Bed and mounding up the backyard in prep for the septic system. And I really should mow the lawn one more time. :-)

El Gaucho said...

Blech is the perfect expression in this situation! Daylight Savings Time should be a joyous time (an extra hour of sleep!), but instead it just means waking up even earlier, ugh.

I'm impressed with the pictures of the mound, that's quite an operation!