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Sunday, March 12, 2017

New Jolly Ball Rope

We recently lost the full functionality of our Jolly Ball toy, the rope portion at least. The rope runs through the middle of the Jolly Ball and makes it a much more interactive toy to play with. After several months of play, Shadowfax had pretty well shredded the rope and we just had a plastic ball left.
We stopped by our local independent pet shop Treat Play Love (website here) and inquired about a new Jolly Ball. Kelly, the owner of Treat Play Love though happily supplied us a new rope for our old Jolly Ball. She had some extra ropes gathering dust in her shop, so she passed on a few lengths of rope to us for free.
Shaak Ti loved her new toy, which was just a plain rope. She enjoys sitting quietly and trying to turn a rope into a pile of string.
Shadowfax had grown a little bored with the rope-less version of the Jolly Ball. But with the new rope running through it, she was reinvigorated and we played with the Jolly Ball for nearly an hour. 

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