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Friday, February 23, 2018

Shaak Ti Contemplates the Meaning of Life

Shaak Ti spends a lot of time in front of the fireplace, usually warming herself. But occasionally she'll just lay there and stare at the fire.
"I was in my room and I was just like staring at the wall fire*
Thinking about everything
But then again I was thinking about nothing."
 - Mike Muir, singer/songwriter

* only this word was changed from the original lyrics


Karen said...

I don't have a fireplace, but I've been finding myself staring at the walls lately, too. Shaak Ti, thank you for reminding me to stop and marvel at simply just being alive.

El Gaucho said...

We hope all is well with you Karen! And this musical reference is right up your alley, 80's hard rock/heavy metal!