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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Graduation Day

Though all of the milestones have already been passed for Alycia to gracefully shimmy into the land of professordom, there was still the actual graduation ceremony at San Diego State to attend. It wasn't necessary for her to attend in order to attain the ranks of professor, but it was a great opportunity to get a picture of her in her cool robe. Graduation was this Friday, and though we had to leave Yosemite a day early, it was a fun event to attend, and probably gave Alycia some closure on her long seven year ordeal as a grad student.

On our way to graduation!!!!

We hopped on the San Diego trolley for all of one stop (parking would have been an issue) and made our way through the masses of undulating undergrads to Cox Arena. Alycia got to sit up on the stage with the other newly minted PhD folk, and since my vantage point was far away, I got up and moved so I could sit right behind her and try to snap some photos.

At Alycia's request I brought along a book to read, and am glad I did, it was a fairly boring ceremony. After the speeches from the various dignitaries, they presented degrees to the PhD folks first, then spent the next ninety minutes reading off the names of all the master and undergrad degree recipients. As you can imagine, I spent this time reading my book. After the ceremony, we had picture time in several locations and then ran on campus errands - return the gown to the bookstore and drop off a form at her department building. And that was probably our last time to visit campus.....another chapter in the life of the itinerant learner comes to a close.

Alycia in her full gown regalia - all hail!!!!

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