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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Party Aftermath

Alycia's graduation party was this weekend. This party is also sort of doubling as our going away party, though we'll likely put together a more informal "come help us drink our leftover alcohol so we don't have to lug it across country" event as we get closer to our actual moving date. For all you thousands of eager readers (Hi Dad and Alycia!!) out there, don't worry, we'll fill you in on the precise date of this event as soon as we know the details.

The party was a raging success and Alycia's out of town friends - Sue, Kauyer, and Micheal and Terry from the Bay Area, and Anna and Steve from Los Angeles all represented well and continued drinking and festivitying (not actually a word) long after everyone else had gone home. True blue friends they were indeed.

Big thanks to Alycia's Mom for arranging with the local Whole Foods to send a huge cheese plate, fruit plate, skewers of roasted mushrooms, and a lovely bouquet of flowers. They truly made the party and the food was tasty, especially the cheese. Also a big thanks to my Pop who rolled to one of his favorite food haunts El Cuervo (all you get is a map since unsurprisingly they don't have a website) to pick up rolled tacos, enchiladas, and rice & beans for dinner. All the Mexican food went well with the pitchers of margaritas, call it an early Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Being the early bird, I was up and getting grub ready the next morning, with the help of my good friend Coffee & Bailey's that is.....hair of the dog that bit ya' peeps. Fresh baked scones, coffee cake from scratch, tasty bacon, taters, and eggs and the previous nights cheese were happily devoured around the table as we recounted our tales of bravery from the previous evening. After our rockin' Sunday brunch that I can take credit for making awesome, our out of town friends went on their merry way and Alycia and I turned the golf tournament on low volume and let the soothing monotones of the golf announceers lull us into a much needed nap.

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