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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Off to Yosemite

Note to all you thousands of readers - we'll be off to Yosemite for the better part of next week, so there will be no posts for several days. But I'll make amends for that by a) posting a slew of entries now and b) having some really cool pictures once we get back later next week. Sadly 2/3 of my regular readership (my Dad and Alycia) will also be on the trip so my Google Analytics numbers should really suffer.

Even though the trip comes in the midst of a busy stretch for us, and the fact that we have to come back a day early to make Alycia's graduation ceremony, we need to make time for the trip now. Why now? Well Alycia has lived in California now for 12 years and has never been to Yosemite!?!?!? Never? Yes, never. I find this fact to be a travesty, so we schedule a trip before we left California for the savage frozenness of North Dakota.

Maybe it's my love of National Parks (instilled by my Dad) or the fact that I've been to Yosemite so many times it's so familiar, but I think it's sacreligious that she hasn't yet visited. So think of this less as a vacation and more as the final educational step for an otherwise smart, educated, worldly PhD - Alycia "Haven't Been to Yosemite Yet". We're here to help, and help we shall.

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