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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Almost Done and Just Started

The painters have almost finished up the house, the bottom floor is pretty much done, and the upper floor needs one last coat. They've been terrific and haven't gotten a spot of paint on the woodwork or any goofs thus far. Supposedly they're going to be done tomorrow, but we'll see how it goes, though it does look promising.

In other news, Ms. Professor Cummings took the first step towards enlightening the generation of tomorrow. Classes at UND started on Monday and she taught her first class today. The report from campus was that the fresh faced youth gleefully embraced her and the knowledge that she has to offer. Granted it was only the first day, and the depth of the teaching was describing the nuances of the syllabus, but Ms. Professor Cummings made the family unit proud on her first day of teaching.

Ms. Professor Cummings has also become well acquainted with her new environs, especially the local Student Unions' coffee/snack cart. It's here that she has embraced the university lifestyle and has spent the late mornings sipping coffee and snacking whilst conversating with her new department colleagues. We'll keep you appraised of Professor Cummings' exploits throughout the semester as she strives to inspire and educate the leaders of tomorrow.

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