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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hail to the Hail

So it hailed yesterday in Grand Forks. Yup, a big mutha-trucka of a thunderstorm (red and black on the Doppler Radar) blew through town and dropped some quarter sized hail in the area. This isn't much of a big deal for locals, but for newbies and weather nerds like, me it was a big deal. Unfortunately though I was in San Diego, land of the unchanging 82 degrees, bummer right? Not with a super cool girlfriend like Alycia.

As I'm getting ready for work I get a Google-chat (the audio and video feed from Google/G-Mail) request from her. She pointed her webcam outside and I got to see the lightening and hail and listen to the thunder. Combined with the Doppler Radar feed from weather.com, it's like I was right there. She got a ton of super cool girlfriend points for this, that is for certain.

I also got to see the dogs, Shaak Ti and Tito, calmly sitting through each bolt of lightening and crash of thunder, staring outside, wondering why things looked so weird out there. Immunity to thunder is one of the cool side benefits of having deaf dogs. I'd feel bad for them if every thunderstorm caused bouts of "hide under the bed and tremble with fear". It's almost like they're SuperDogs, immune to the thunder. Granted they may not have any other super powers, but I bet in dog world thunder immunity is a highly sought after skill....


Heidi said...

Hey there!

I was wondering if you could tell me what its like living in Grand Forks as I may be moving there in January for grad school. Ive heard the weather is pretty bad and that there is not much to do? Can your girlfriend find places to buy GF food as I also have that affliction!

Many thanks!

El Gaucho said...


We just moved there over a month ago, so I can't give you a definitive answer on what it's like to live there. My girlfriend grew up and has family in the area so she's used to the winters, and I've visited for a week the past couple of Christmas seasons, and yeah it's damn cold. I haven't been here through an entire winter though so I really can't say. We did move from Southern California though, so anything is going to be quite a change for me.

The gluten free food has been relatively OK. There's a big market - Hugo's that has a good gluten free section, and a local small co-op downtown that has some gluten free stuff as well. Between those two stores and ordering a few miscellaneous things online, we're able to find enough good stuff.

Hope this helps. You can send me an e-mail too if you have more questions.

El Gaucho said...

That e-mail address is gauchoman2002@yahoo.com.

Good luck on your move.