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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Potato Aroma

Alycia and I noticed this morning as we were walking the dogs that there is a noticeable baked potato aroma all about the neighborhood. Over the past few days there has also been a noticeable large plume of steam from the big plant several miles east from our house. Related events? For shizzle.

The plant is the JR Simplot Potato Processing Plant, one of the largest producers of frozen french fries in the country (they supply McDonald's with french fries). And now that it's prime potato harvesting time the plant is running at full tilt turning delicious Red River Valley potatoes into golden delicious, ready-to-be-fried-for-you-yummy-goodness french fries. The facility is huge and now that the weather has turned cooler, the steam plume is visible for some distance, and the breeze carries the potato smells further.

The rush to process all these taters is also to ensure that the town is ready, ramped, and geared up for POTATO BOWL USA 2009!!! You can see all the Potato Bowl USA 2009 information on their aforementioned website. Every year as part of the festivities they try to set the record for the worlds largest french fry feed, free french fries to anyone and everyone. You gotta be ready for an event like this.

It's actually sort of a pleasant smell, comforting, but at 6:00 in the morning, I don't know if it was the proper time to arouse a hankering for baked potatoes. I'll keep you up to date with how much longer the potato aroma continues. Maybe in another few days/weeks I'll be sick of it, we'll see.

In weather news, today is chilly and rainy. A big front is quickly moving through and was preceded by strong winds yesterday that made for a beautiful blustery fall day. I'm comning to realize what a big factor the wind is here. 50 degrees is quite pleasant. 50 degrees and 40 mph wind gusts can be chilly.

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