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Monday, October 19, 2009

Wallyball League

Alycia and I joined the gym last week and indicated that we were interested in playing in some organized leagues, and the sports league coordinator not only called me the very next day, but also chatted with me and arranged an informal wallyball get together on Sunday evening.

For those unfamiliar with wallyball, it's essentially volleyball played on an racquetball court with a more rubberized version of a volleyball. The net bisects the court in half and you can bounce the ball off all the walls except for your opponents back wall. It's fast, dizzying at times, and bears some resemblance to actual volleyball. More than anything it's an opportunity for me to play. Which is all I really want to do, run around and have adult recess. Plus this way, Alycia gets to play too, which is a super bonus.

I played wallyball a few times before when I lived in Connecticut, but Alycia had never played before. Our purpose Sunday night was thus two-fold, make sure Alycia enjoyed the game enough to commit to a two month league, and also to test out her ankle to make sure it has healed adequately, or at least sufficiently well to scamper around on a racquetball court hitting a rubbery volleyball.

We played for a couple of hours, had a good time hitting the bouncing ball, and avoided any injuries and wall collisions. We also met Chris and Kaitlan who will join us for the next couple of months on our wallyball squad. The standings for the sports leagues at the gym are listed in the Monday morning Grand Forks Herald. This could perhaps be my first opportunity to have my victorious sports achievements listed in the local paper, something that was previously impossible, considering my lack of involvement with organized sports in high school and college. More stories as the season develops.

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