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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Reader Shout Outs

As you may well know, our policy here is to gratefully acknowledge each individual who subscribes to this wonderful blog with their own personalized shout out.  Due to the tremendous interest generated by the Family Holiday newsletter, we were able to increase our subscriber base by a whopping 40%!!!  This would normally be amazing until you realize that we merely added two new subscribers to the five we had previously.

So let's give a warm welcome to Yonni and Emma who became new subscribers to our lovely blog, possibly as some sort of New Years Resolution to take pity on me and increase my readership.

I've known Yonni since the first days of Junior High School, almost 20 years now, which is just a baffling amount of time.  And though he has forsaken the Stars and Stripes for the proud Maple Leaf of Canada, we don't hold that against him, unless of course he actually knows the lyrics to O' Canada, in which case he's dead to me.

Emma is a part of our Pacific Northwest contingent and is in the Top 5 of my "People You Need To Have Along When Venturing Forth For An Adult Beverage or Two" list.  Hopefully the homestead will eventually end up in Oregon and we can hang out with her and her doting beau Geoff more often.

Welcome to both of you.  May your presence enlighten us and your clicking generate thousands of dollars of ad revenue.

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