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Friday, January 8, 2010

Volleyball Tourney Weekend

Guess what sports fans?  We've found a way to parlay our previous wallyball team into an actual volleyball team.  The four members of the wallyball squad plus a substitute that helped us out when I was out of town have formed, Voltron-style, to become what I hope will be an invincible squad of indoor volleyballers (though to be honest, I've never played indoor volleyball, only beach volleyball). 

The new volleyball league starts in a couple of weeks, but there's a tournament tomorrow that should serve as an adequate warm up/get acquainted session for the new teammates. You may hear some odd noises Saturday afternoon coming from the direction of the Center Court Fitness Club in Grand Forks, but don't be alarmed, that will just be the newly formed squad dominating us some sucka-chumps.

Once the league starts up, I'll relay our stats, triumphant tales, and any other news.  I'm not sure what our team name is since I'm not in charge (for once).  I would have opted for the team name "Unprotected Sets", though the wholesome folks here might not have been too keen on that.  I was also thinking I may unearth and reanimate our former beach team name - John and His Minions, that would be rad. 

In weather news, the high for Saturday is forecast to 5 above, and I couldn't be more excited, it's the warmest it'll be here in a week.  Next week is rumored to have a chance to get into the mid-20's.  Praise Jeebus. 

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