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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Major Winter Storm on the Way

It's a gray, chilly, soggy day today in North Dakota.  Last night the temperatures never got below freezing so the mush and muck in the yard didn't re-solidify overnight, meaning extra sogginess today.  There has been a decent amount of draining though and some of the muddier parts of the dog yard were beginning to dry out a tad. 

We put some mulch down on the muddier areas and there's a decent mulch path through most of the yard, but sadly the dogs don't stay on the path.  With the mulch and a bit of draining we had hopes that the worst was over and the yard was starting to turn the corner.

But just when we thought the worst may have been over, the weather report is predicting a significant winter storm for Tuesday/Wednesday.  The exact storm track and nature of the precipitation (rain or snow) is still up in the air, but early indications are mostly snow and several inches worth.  I can't count the number of times I've wiped down and de-muddified the dogs (especially puppy) over the last few days and more snow will only prolong the mud issue.  Bummer. 


Heidi said...

Bummer...March is always unpredictable. We are in the middle of a storm. Almost an inch last night with more to come...Kahlua refuses to go outside...merely sniffs at the cold, wet air and prances back inside.

lifeshighway said...

Oh just wow... um 70's tomorrow but I will be feeling your pain because I have to work. Does that help?

El Gaucho said...

Poor Kahlua, she's a delicate old lady and shouldn't have to suffer the indignities of having to potty outside in such terrible conditions.

70 degrees? I don't know if I remember what 70 degrees feels like. I'm still trying to decide if I'd rather have a day of work or a foot of snow. Still thinking.