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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TenderHeart Bear

Ready for an uncomfortable bit of knowledge about me?  I sweat a lot.  Many of my friends and family already know this.  But for whatever supernatural or otherworldly reasons that no one yet understands, I sweat in the shape of a perfect heart when I play volleyball.  Seriously.  Don't believe me? 
This was taken after our most recent volleyball game.  There's no chicanery here, no hi-jinks, no tomfoolery I assure you.  Alycia can attest to the authenticity of this photo and scores of former volleyball companions past and present (Chris, Heidi, Brenda, Dave, Angela please leave a comment) can attest to this paranormal phenomenon.

The truly strange thing is that this only happens when I play volleyball.  Basketball, running, mowing the lawn, canning applesauce in a hot kitchen, digging a hole in the garden, they all make me sweat, but never in a heart shape.  It's truly strange and awesome.
Don't be scared, you're in the presence of greatness. 

One of my former volleyball friends (and Care Bear aficionado) started calling me TenderHeart Bear which wasn't the intimidating nickname that I typically encourage others to call me, but was certainly much better than some of the other names I've been called.
TenderHeart Bear - The Most Intimidating of all Care Bears
Do you see the resemblance?  I certainly do.  And I care, lots. And you should consider yourself blessed to be affiliated with a blogger bold and innovative enough to share stories of his own sweat.


lifeshighway said...

I am in the presence of greatness.

If I had to play against the mighty TenderHeart Bear, I would be shakin'

(used to play mixed league volleyball until I was spiked in the face and chipped 2 teeth. That ended my volleyball career. You can call me chickenheart bear.)

El Gaucho said...

Ouch, two chipped teeth, that's no fun at all. I do feel that it's a strange competitive advantage that might scare people off a little bit, since you don't act fussy in the presence of greatness.

Sara said...

Haaaaa, Tenderheart Bear is hilarious!!! Love it.

(I sweat a lot, and my last name is Eddy. You can see where that often goes.)