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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trip to Bemidji, Minnesota

Last week was Alycia's spring break, but rather than head for Cancun or South Padre Island, Texas we stayed nearby.  Alycia had a bunch of work to do the whole week, so a protracted trip of vacation was out of the question.  We did though manage to get away for a nice day trip to Bemidji, Minnesota, about 100 miles east of Grand Forks.
We stopped at the local Bemidji landmark, the giant statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.  Babe hadn't been fed in quite some time and Alycia was nice enough to offer him some hay.
A passerby was nice kind enough to take our picture.
Throughout Bemidji they have beaver statues that have been painted by local artists.  Alycia posed near one such beaver.
And then acted like a beaver for another photo. 

We stopped for lunch at The Wild Hare Bistro and had a delicious lunch, I had a fantastic chicken salad sandwich and Alycia some very tasty vegetarian chili.  If you're ever in Bemidji, Minnesota, I'd highly recommend this establishment for lunch.  We also made a stop at the Bemidji Woolen Mills (a 90 year old woolen goods manufacturer), where I picked up this awesome Railroad Cap and Alycia a new pair of woolen mittens.

After perusing the downtown area bit more and purchasing some local chocolates, we made our way back home.  It wasn't an intense, action packed Spring Break trip, but a very relaxing outing that we both thoroughly enjoyed. 

The approaching storm is just about here, and the most recent forecast is for 10-15 inches of wet, heavy snow.  The wind has grown boisterous and angry, the trees are quaking and the house is beginning to groan and rumble from the strong gusts.  I must go and make sure all the snow shovels are strategically placed, the dog poop is scooped, and the house and yard are ready for the latest (and hopefully last) snow event.


Sara said...

Ooh! Tell Leesh that I love her coat!!!

(Sorry to hijack your blog comments for that, but that coat just couldn't go unremarked.)

lifeshighway said...

My heart belongs to Babe the Blue Ox.