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Monday, April 25, 2011

Beets and Borscht and Biscuits

There are a few veggies that we haven't planted in our first few years here in North Dakota like beets, corn, chard, and carrots.  Why?  Alycia's parents in Cavalier, North Dakota plant them in multitudes and always have extras, so there's no need for us to plant them in our garden.  At the end of the growing season we get a delivery of a couple dozen quart sized freezer bags full of cleaned, blanched, and ready to eat beets.  It's a pretty sweet set up.

What to do with all these beets?  Well we eat them occasionally in salads or as a side dish, but the best thing to do with beets is to turn them into a delicious borscht.  A big ol pot of borscht, with plenty leftover to freeze for Alycia to take for lunches. 
I'm not much of a close up food photographer, so I'm probably not doing this delicious dish justice.  Plus, I was good and hungry so there weren't multiple shots happening. 
A big dollop of sour cream is the perfect finishing touch for this hearty, earthy, savory soup.   I also made some tasty Parmesan cheese drop biscuits* to accompany the soup, it all worked out so well. 
*Sorry, there were no pictures of the biscuits, they were warm and crusty and begging to be eaten, so there was no time for photos.

What do you do with your beets?  Anyone have a favorite beet recipe they'd like to share?


Emma said...

do you have a favorite borscht recipe?

i made this beet hummus once, it was quite good:

also baked beet chips are a yummy snack:

Anonymous said...

I took min from the garden this year and cooked, mixed in a bit of sour cream and fresh dill. Simple but good.

El Gaucho said...

Emma - I don't have a favorite recipe yet, just an amalgam of two or three from online, with a large measure of improvisation. I'll try to figure it out and write it down and I'll send it to you.

Do the beet chips and beet hummus stain your appliances? I'm tentative to process beets for fear that my blender will be forever purple/pink.

lifeshighway said...

I have never eaten borscht in my life nor have I ever seen it served or prepared.

I wonder if it is regional thing. My family never grew beets growing up and I don't know any of my friends who do.

This bears investigation.

El Gaucho said...

lifeshighway - it's definitely a Russian/Eastern European originsoup, and if you haven't had beets before, they have a very unique flavor, plus they turn your poo purple/pink too, which is kind of cool.

Yonni said...

Long time listener, first time caller. Hadn't checked in for a few months, good to see you're keeping this going. Knibb High football rules.

El Gaucho said...

'Bout friggin time you dropped some comment wisdom. I had thought the Internets didn't work in Canada.

Emma said...

i didn't have any problem with staining when i've made those recipes in the past...