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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Control the Weather

Yes that's right, apparently I control the weather.  After writing that Spring is Officially Here, the weather Gods promptly made an example out of me by dumping 8 inches of snow on Grand Forks over the weekend in a somewhat unusual spring snowstorm.  It also snowed lightly yesterday and is forecast for another inch or two of snow today/tonight and another chance on Friday.  It has been duly noted that I am too big for my britches. 
We went from this scene.....
...back to this all too familiar scene.  I tried to convince Shaak Ti to stand in the same spot for comparison purposes and she would have none of it. 

It's also been a quiet week here on Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes since some manner of sickness has knocked me flat on my backside.  As such I haven't posted much this last week, sorry, I'll make it up to you.  


Anonymous said...

Consider yourself smited

Karen said...

So it's YOU I need to appease? Please don't send any more snow to Wisconsin; what is it you require, oh Mighty Weather Controller? I will do what I can (within reason, c'mon now, I'm not going to push any hapless young thing into a volcano or anything.)