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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes and it's humble creator, El Gaucho, attained worldwide recognition yesterday when it was mentioned in the Along Life's Highway - The Yard Art Game blog.

See the Flocked entry on this fantastic blog to read what all the hubbub was about.


Sara said...

Hilarious!! I had no idea that kids these days were pranking with yard art.

El Gaucho said...

Not kids, grown ups. There were signs on the house indicating that it was Barb's 40th birthday, so I think it was other adults doing the pranking.

lifeshighway said...

Your find made quite the sensation.

El Gaucho said...

Yes, who knew that "flocking" would be such a polarizing phenomenon. At least it got people talking about yard art, raising awareness for the plight of the garden gnome and flingo across the country.