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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Visit Photos

Here are a few more choice photos from the family visit to Grand Forks, North Dakota at the beginning of October.
We plopped little nephew Jacob in his stroller and went for a stroll (one must use a stroller when strolling) along the Greenway to bustling downtown Grand Forks.  It was a lovely day, pleasantly warm Fall weather with leaves turning all manner of yellow and gold as I posed with my big sister and Jacob.
We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch, so instead Jacob and his parents posed for the one pumpkin growing in our yard.  It's not as dramatic as a picture surrounded by dozens of orange Halloween squashes, but the everyone looks great, a fantastic family photo that I will expect to see on a Christmas card in the coming months. 
We drove up to Cavalier for the day and Alycia's Dad had a chance to explain to Jacob why the Minnesota Vikings are so terrible this year.
Alycia's Mom (Mama Bear) also had a chance to play with baby Jacob.  This picture was taken after the intensive Mama Bear led seminar on "Modern Interpretations and re-creations of Cubist period art using squished mashed potatoes".

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