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Friday, November 4, 2011

Sleeping Puppies

For once we're going to stay true to our name and actually feature some deaf dogs.  And nobody can say "no" to a cute sleeping puppy picture.
I put a picture like this on Facebook a few months ago and a few days later my friend asked me "What the hell was that a picture of?  Was that a dog?"  I explained that yes it was a dog, our beloved puppy all curled up in a crazy heap of limbs and ears and rib cage and spots.
Here's a closer view of the mess.  It usually takes her a minute or two to get all untangled and wake up from a nap like this.
Here's a more normal sleeping pose.  Awww.....


Anonymous said...

You really have some cute pup pictures. It is always heartwarming to see them on a post. The pope pup below is a real cutie too. I really have to get another dog. I have been missing mine now for too long. It is tough when they get old and pass on.

Karen said...

Awwwww is right!

My Pudding (that's a dog, not a dessert) occasionally likes to sleep with all four feet straight up in the air. Unfortunately this pose reminds me of road kill especially since, like me, she's a little bit of a porker, but she's adorable nonetheless.

El Gaucho said...

There's just nothing cuter than a sleeping pup all right. Plus when they're sleeping they're naturally easier to capture on camera, as opposed to trying to capture them mid-spaz.