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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bingo and Easter and Spring

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, so much so that I'm just now pausing to update the Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes crowd of the happenings around the homestead.

On Saturday Alycia's parents visited us from their Cavalier, North Dakota country estate.  Alycia got the bee in her bonnet that we should try our hand at one of the many local bingo events in town.  So the four us stopped by the VFW in East Grand Forks, Minnesota (just on the other side of the Red River of the North) on Saturday afternoon and we had a blast learning and then playing bingo.  I committed a rookie blogger error and forgot my camera at home, which is too bad since I can't adequately capture in words the bingo scene at the VFW.

The bingo companions that we shared our table with were most gracious and helpful and prevented us four bingo newbies from making any egregious or embarrassing bingo faux pas.  And to top it off Alycia won $100!!!  It was quite the outing and I think we're going to return, possibly semi-regularly, it was a lot of fun.

On Easter Sunday we headed up to the Cavalier, North Dakota estate for an Easter feast and celebration of family with Alycia's parents.  We hauled the dogs along with us (of course) and Shadowfax showered everyone with kisses and spazzy puppy hugs, while Tito and Shaak Ti snacked on turkey tidbits from Alycia's Dad. 

Despite the cool weather the last few days, there are signs of Spring everywhere.  This week we'll have some posts about our vegetable and flower seed germination, some new feathered visitors around the urban homestead, as well as an update on our un-hibernating garden gnomes.  Stay tuned.

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