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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Reason I Never Get Anything Done

Many pet owners can attest to this fact, computers are magnets for pets.  For some reason my dogs (especially the puppy) are drawn to "help" me the moment I have my computer out and am attempting do some manner of meaningful work. 
This is the initial "Hey John what're you doing, can I help?" phase.
This turns into the more intensive "John, I love you John, what're you doing? I know I can help, can I help?"
Which quickly turns into the In-your-face-and-actively-loving-you-helping-you phase.  She's usually pretty good about not violating the "4 on the Floor" Rule, which stipulates that all canine critters need to keep all four paws on the floor and not creep/crawl up onto couches and into laps. 

Once there's a doggy noggin on your laptop or on your lap, wiggling around and wanting pets, well it's pretty hard to concentrate on computing.


Karen said...

John, so much is going on at your house. Dog injuries (is Tito out of the Naughty Chair yet?) power outages (something came loose, eh?) and celebrations of holidays and migrating birds reappearing. We used to have flickers visit but since our trees have grown larger over the years, we don't see them in the yard anymore. Apparently they prefer wide-open spaces.

I love the face begging you to just forgeddabout the computer and pay attention to the important stuff in life. Great photos!

We're in full steam ahead gardening mode right now; working every night until dark. (You'd think we'd get something done, wouldn't you??) I miss blog land very much.

El Gaucho said...

Tito might be out of the naughty chair, but he's still on my sh*t list. As the stepdog of the family (he was Alycia's dog before we met) I have to always pretend that I don't like him. When Alycia's not around I give him plenty of love and attention, but with others watching I pretend to scowl at him often.

I figured by your lack of postings that you and Carl were lugging rocks and such around the garden. We're still starting seeds indoors here, but are making some hardscape changes and making some new garden beds, so there's plenty to keep us busy too! Good luck, stay busy and I hope to see more posts from you soon!