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Monday, April 2, 2012

Esquire Article - The War Against Youth

If you have 20 minutes I highly recommend reading this article.  It's very well written and summarizes so many of the economic/political/generational conflicts going on today.

Esquire - The War Against Youth

"The recession didn't gut the prospects of American young people.  The Baby Boomers took care of that." 


Karen said...
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Donna@GWGT said...

Way above my pay grade to try and get the politics.

El Gaucho said...

Sorry, it was a pretty dense article. I usually try to steer clear of political stuff here since gardening, deaf dogs, and garden gnome wrangling know no political affiliation.

Karen said...

Hi John, I read the article and posted a comment to end all comments, phew, sometimes (ok, all the time) I go off the deep end without a life jacket. Then I thought better of what I'd written and hit the all important delete key.

One thing my greatly advanced age has taught me is this; when I was a kid in the (gasp!) 1960's, the hippies and Flower Children were running around protesting this and that...'Don't trust anyone over 30' and 'The Establishment is out to get us'.

They were going to change the world.

Now they are the old farts everyone hates. Peace and Love, indeed.

We just had our 21 year old son stop in for supper last night. Unfortunately, he was too skinny to eat, so I made some chili instead. Maybe if I fatten him up some by sending him home with a coupla dozen cookies, he'll be ready the next time he visits.

El Gaucho said...

Karen - I totally understand. I type many comments on blogs and then upon rereading my comment decide that it might come across as mean/sarcastic/angry/sanctimonious etc and decide to hit the ol "Delete" key. It's just to hard to convey the same message in writing as you would in a face to face conversation.

I occasionally enjoy opportunities to engage in dialogue about current events. The great thing about the Internet and blogosphere is that you can find rational, intelligent people (with whom you may or may not agree) and have a friendly discussion. So much of today's discourse consists of angrily shouting people down, racing to see who can get the most offended, and sound bytes in Orwellian doublespeak. It's just nice to have a calm and rational exchange of ideas and opinions.