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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Front Yard Dirt Follow Up

We built upon (literally) the foundation of 10 yards of dirt by making and shaping some mounds for perennial/annual flowers and ornamental plants in the front yard.
Our mound looked like this when we last left you in our previous post 10 Yards of Black Dirt.
With some manual labor and lots of shoveling, it turned into this.
We took a couple of currant plants from the front yard and transplanted them in the mound.  These are Ben Sarek black currants and we discovered that they were extremely NOT tasty.  As such we'll leave these particular currants un-netted and let our bird friends snack upon them as they ripen. 

This will all look even better in another month once we get some more flowers planted and they start blooming.  We just received a mail shipment of live plants from one nursery and I'll be out in the yard tomorrow planting Bee Balm (monarda), coneflowers, hostas, and sedum.     


Anonymous said...

Currants aren't usually just eaten straight, usually just used as an added flavor in cooking, pickling or jams. Kinda like pepper is good, but you don't just sit there and eat it. Just an idea.

El Gaucho said...

Oh poor young Master William. Currants can be delicious eaten by themselves, you just need good currants. We have one variety - Red Lake and are getting one or two more (Titania and ???) and they're good enough to eat straight off the bush.