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Friday, May 4, 2012

Retiring Professor at UND

Alycia's colleague at the University of North Dakota stepped down as the Department chair this semester, and even though he'll probably stick around for another few years teaching classes, there was some celebration this semester at his first step towards retirement.  Since this professor is well known for his unusual tangents, funny stories, and crazy non-sequitors during lectures, a few enterprising students decided to spend the semester compiling his funnier quotes.

These are some of the more entertaining mid-lecture statements they compiled in just one semester...
  • "I fancy myself an amateur mountaineer"
  • "I have short eyeballs"
  • "I get choked up when I talk about these hearing aids"
  • "Time is ticking away while you sit there in your ignorance"
  • (when handing out course evaluations to students) "I have to vacate the room so I can't exercise mind control"
  • "I'm practically a saint"
  • "I don't know what a serious hedgehog breeder is...I guess a breeder that doesn't make jokes about his hedgehogs"
  • "Are those voices in my head?"
I'm actually bummed that her colleague is retiring.  He was by far the most entertaining person to talk to at their department events and we chatted a lot about everything from basketball to remote controller helicopters to back country hikes in National Parks.

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Anonymous said...

He sounds like a real character.