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Monday, May 14, 2012

New Advertising on the Blog

You may have noticed that I'm trying out some new advertising from Chitika on Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes.  After our falling out with Google AdSense over a year ago I've been searching for an online advertising shop worthy of the high standards of the creators and readers of this fine blog.  The Amazon Associates ads are good, but not generating enough action to justify being my sole attempt at website monetization.  You can still do all your Amzaon.com searching and purchasing through the "Search Amazon.com" box at the middle-left part of the blog or click on any of the Amazon widgets that look particularly enticing.

The first few days of running the new Chitika advertisements saw some really non-specific ads (pretty much just incorporating "Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes" into some semi-sketchy search engine), but the ads seem to have gotten a bit better over the last week. What's your feedback on the ads?  Annoying?  Tolerable?  Do you have ads blocked or opted out of seeing them?  Do you have any other or better recommendations for web advertisers?  If you blog, what ads do you run on your site?

And please note that any and all revenue from this site goes to help deaf dogs in North Dakota.  We're not an officially sanctioned 501(c)(3) charity or anything, but every little bit helps. 


Karen said...

Wow, a whole lot of work and activity has been going on at your house while I've been running in circles around my garden.

New topsoil, mulch, tired dogs, irate letters to the Cub Cadet people (and if you don't get a reply to that email, they should be even more ashamed!) and now advertising.

I wish it wasn't so late, we just got in from the garden and it's after midnight....sigh....but at least I had fun catching up on all the antics at your house. Thanks for the smiles!

El Gaucho said...

Karen - I always feel accomplished....until I read your blog or your comments and realize that my efforts pale in comparison to yours. I'm amazed and impressed to no end that you're out there until midnight toiling away at your various projects and hauling huge rocks about the yard. Kudos and you can color me very inspired by you and Carl!!