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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Deaf Puppy In The Pool

We're big believers in doggy day care here at Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes.  If our schedules dictate that we won't have much time to play and pay attention to the puppy, we take her to doggy day care for the day.  This really only happens when I'm out of town for work (this will change though...more on this in a later post) and Alycia is left to be a single doggy parent.  The puppy always returns home from doggy day care a tired heap of pup, but on warm days she is frequently wet and her "report card" talks about how much fun she had in the pool. 

Seeing as how she allegedly has so much fun in the pool at doggy day care, we figured we'd get her a pool of her own and fill it up on hot days for her to enjoy.  Since the pool was just a cheap plastic disk, it wasn't much of an investment. 
As you can see she wanted nothing to do with the pool (in spite of Alycia's Dad and his coaxing) except to have a bit of a drink. 
Unbeknownst to us we were simply using the pool incorrectly.  It's not supposed to be right side up and filled with water, it's supposed to be upside down and empty, that way you can chew on it and get a running start and jump on it like a sled. 

I try not to malign Alycia very often, mostly because there is no occasion to do so.  I love her very much, and she is a very smart lady with an enormous array of skills and abilities and talents.  Unfortunately for you, video recording is not one of them.  On the one hand, it was impressive of her just to capture this scene at all, but on the other hand, you can barely see the puppy getting a running start, jumping on the pool, and sliding under the temporary fencing we have set up to protect our new not-yet-established plants from puppy related carnage such as this. I just feel like a more accomplished videographer would have captured the scene better...
And just for fun, one more puppy video of her tearing around the house, trying to get Tito to play with her (Tito is just out of frame to the right, probably glowering with anger). 

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Karen said...

Oh, I am just rolling with laughter watching this! She is so hilarious and if I had that much energy, I'd never need an aerobics class again.

What a hoot!