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Friday, July 27, 2012

Support PBS: Bob Ross Remixed

PBS has started a new line of YouTube videos honoring their quintessential and favorite hosts. This video is of Bob Ross, of the Joy of Painting fame. I used to watch him every Saturday afternoon, fancying myself a painter. Just once did I attempt to "paint" along with him. I was probably about 8 or 9 and my mom got me a canvas and some paints and I sat down with Bob. Very quickly I realized I was unable to make "happy little trees" so instead I decided to make my version of the Easter Bunny (I guess it must have been around Easter). It was a very sad painting, but my mom still hung it up. I think it might still be in their house somewhere, so if I can find it, I'll take a picture to show you why I went into academia instead of art school.

Enjoy Bob Ross:


Alma Ann said...

Alycia. This explains a lot!!

Donna@GWGT said...

That is funny. I hope to see your bunny painting. I bet you made a wise choice.

Lindsay C said...

I'm sure I remember the bunny painting and your love of Bob Ross, but I didn't know the two were linked! I'm sure you're right, Mom has the famous artwork around the house someplace.