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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fire in the potty

It might have been a slow day for news on Friday, July 20, 2012 for the Grand Forks Herald. This little diddy was on the second page of the B section. Things like this give North Dakota a bad name...sigh.

Police: Portable toilet fire was result of arson

BISMARCK — An arson suspect is on the hot seat in Bismarck.
Police say someone set a Spiffy Biff portable toilet on fire near a construction zone shortly before noon on Wednesday.
Firefighters put out the blaze, which melted the plastic and caused an estimated $950 in damage.
The Bismarck Tribune reports that police believe the fire was started intentionally, because there was nothing in the area that would have ignited the plastic.

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Alycia's commentary: Personally, I wonder why they would have thought it was started by anything other than arson. How many times have you been concerned to go into a port-a-potty due it's potential for combustion? There are many other reasons I've been concerned about using them, but now do I need to worry about catching fire?

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Anonymous said...

The culprit needs to get a life, really....