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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012 Early Garden Failures

As John has mentioned in the past, gardening is not all about successes, there is still a learning curve to our garden forays.

One failure again were our peas. This year instead of the pea corral, we tried them in this box that was in our baby garage/shed.

I think they would have stood a chance had we not planted them in mid-June. Peas, as you all should know, are an early season/cold weather crop and it was just too late in the season for them. I think we'll probably try them one more time in the box next year, or we might try to get them to grow for the fall season. It really irks me though that we can't figure out the best way to grow peas, as they are one of my favorite vegetables, and I have many pictures of myself as a young child chomping on sugar snap peas.

Another massive failure was an attempt to transplant raspberries in early July (during the height of their production season) from my friend's garden to our yard. And to make it worse, it was 95 degrees out when we tried to plant them. Raspberries are just a step above a weed here in North Dakota and I'm going to be optimistic that they will come back, but currently they look pathetic.

We continue to water them, in hopes that the roots will stay healthy and the plants will come back better than ever next year. As with the peas, I love raspberries and at least this year I was lucky enough to have access to free raspberries from one of the kids that I work with (I had to pick them, but that wasn't too tough), but my kiddo is moving and so my raspberry source is literally drying up after this summer. So there is a bit of urgency in my care of my sad but stately raspberries.

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Rosemary said...

It's funny but it takes a photo to remind me that everyone has garden failures! We tend to take pics of all our beauties, but of course we all have plants that misbehave or die off. Good luck with both your peas and the raspberries next year :)