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Monday, August 6, 2012

Squirrel sabotage in the garden

Along with having an organic and chemical free garden, I also like to maintain it as a no-kill zone for our furry woodland creatures. This desire is becoming harder to maintain though due to recent squirrel mishaps with our apple trees.

Here is one of our eight apple trees - the only one really loaded with apples and we're quite excited about our first apple harvest this fall.

Unfortunately, here is the incriminating evidence that the squirrels are amiss in the trees. The stupid squirrel didn't even bother to eat the entire apple; it just took a few bites and left it on the sidewalk to taunt us.

According to Jerry Baker (our holistic gardener referee), we could try to put a [fake garden hose] snake on the ground to try to scare the squirrels and we are going to try that. Unfortunately, I don't know if it will work since there are so few snakes in our area of North Dakota and I don't think the squirrels would know what it is and thus, wouldn't be scared of it. This concern was confirmed by one of my colleagues who said that he bought a realistic 6-foot plastic snake, complete with fangs, and that it didn't do anything to scare his squirrels. So, I'm not optimistic that my homemade hose snake will do anything. But, we need to try something before they get all of the apples.


Rosemary said...

I have the same problem with squirrels taking our tomatoes. I really wouldn't mind if they took it and fed their family with it, but they often take a bite and leave it to rot at the base of the plant. They'll do the same thing over and over again. Grrrr.

Bee Balm Gal said...

There are FEW snakes in North Dakota? Who knew? The tourism people and business recruiters should put that fun fact at the very top of all brochures! I'm ready to move!

El Gaucho said...

That's a qualified answer, there are snakes out West, but here in Eastern North Dakota here really aren't any, save for the occasional tiny garter snake.

Mirta Lu said...

Ooh, that’s an awful sight! >.< It once happened to us too. We had huge tomatoes, and we really give it a special attention only to find out that it was eaten by a raccoon overnight. What we did afterwards was create a live trap. We used peanut butter as bait, and I can say that it’s one reliable and humane trap!