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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Support PBS: Mr. Rogers Remixed

As previously introduced with the Bob Ross Remixed post, PBS has started a new line of videos highlighting their quintessential hosts. This video is of Mr. Rogers, who needs no introduction. As did every child of my generation, I grew up watching Mr. Rogers - never questioning why he always had to change his sweater and shoes when we came and went from his house, just enjoying getting to "pretend".

Pretending and just playing are things that I think kids these days don't do enough of in their daily activities - they have such realistic toys that do everything, they don't have to do any pretending whatsoever. For example, when I was a kid, I had a cardboard box that served as a house, a stove, a car, etc. Now kids have realistic toy houses and kitchen, as well as battery-operated cars they can drive (I shudder when I see kids in those - childhood obesity just waiting to happen). Enough of a rant about pretending, I'll save that for another day.

Anyway, in my more recent years as an academic working with children and children with speech sound disorders, I have often dreamed of being the next Mr. Rogers. Someday, when I've made some fabulous discovery in child speech and language development, maybe I will have my own TV show for kids...

Enjoy Mr. Rogers:


Karen said...

Always a beautiful day in the neighborhood with Mr. Rogers. My kids grew up watching him every day and never tired of it. I'd read he was sincerely genuine and gentle in person too, which was so refreshing.

Donna@GWGT said...

I never watched Mr. Rogers but I can see why he was popular. The neighborhood was a happy place.