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Monday, October 22, 2012

Pileated Woodpecker

This isn't the first occasion we've had the pleasure of seeing a Pileated Woodpecker around the homestead, BUT this was the first time I was able to get a picture.  We usually see one every few months, but they're pretty flighty and don't stay in the same place for long.  I was excited and surprised when I saw this guy on the suet feeder in the front yard this morning. 
Pretty awesome huh?  OK, this picture sucks, you can barely make out the woodpecker. 
But this picture is much better, I got him just as he (or she) was spreading his wings to take off.  You can see the white/black wing markings and the telltale red head (Woody Woodpecker/El Gaucho style). 


Rosemary said...

I can definitely see him thanks to that bright red cap! Enjoy the moment and I'm sure he'll be back.

Karen said...

I can see him! Do your dogs enjoy watching the bird feeder, too? Mine do, and when squirrels appear, they go crazy. Those woodpeckers are really camera-shy, great capture.