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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shaak Ti's Eating Habits

Shaak Ti is an odd duck, as evidenced by her Plant Friend interactions. But it goes so much farther than that. Another good example of her oddness is that she is the only [healthy and young] dog I have ever known that doesn't just attack her food bowl with vigor. In fact it's often the exact opposite. We're lucky if she eats every other meal (most recently she has chosen to eat her dinner while turning her nose up at breakfast). But if she gets distracted, is visiting Grandpa and Grandma, or just otherwise feels like it, she can go three or four meals without eating much of anything. We try to give her as much time as possible to eat, but since she and Tito eat before Shadowfax (who is always waiting very patiently in her crate while they eat), there is usually a time limit of 15-20 minutes. More than enough time for a normal dog to eat...

Meal time often starts with her laying by her dish watching while Tito eats (she often won't eat until Tito is escorted out of the kitchen).
I often move the dish closer to her in the hopes that she will munch while lounging, which she sometimes does, but often all she does is lick her food and bowl. Sometimes she'll pick up some kibble and spit it out on the floor. Possibly she thinks the kibble tastes better with some dirt and dog hair from the floor stuck on it.
If she licks and mouths enough food, sometimes that will pique her interest in actually eating. In this example, she was actually motivated enough to stand up. But often, she will finish her entire bowl while laying down.
In addition to licking and spitting out her food, she often makes what we call "lava", which is when she shoves her nose into the bowl and fairly violently shoves the food out of the bowl. Sometimes she does this and eventually eats the food in the bowl, and the "lava" on the floor. Other times she just makes a big mess and probably laughs at us as we pick up all the food that she spilled.

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Rosemary said...

She's a fussy eater for sure, but everyone does something no one else understands! I wonder where that all comes from. She's lucky to have you watching over her to make sure she eats at all :)