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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Deaf Dog Checklist

It was a banner day for Shadowfax the puppy the other day, 

Play fetch in the back yard? Check
Splish-splash through the pool? Check
Visit from Grandma and Grandpa? Done
Tug-of-War time and playing with toys? Completed
Patrol the house and yard and bark at everything/everyone? Accomplished
Shoot a beam of sunlight out of my nose? Check
Actually she collapsed on the carpet after a full day of romping puppy fun and antics.  The last few rays of evening sunshine were coming through the window and I snapped this photo.  It makes it seem as though she can shoot a ray of sunlight from her nose, when in fact this is not one of her super powers.


Jason said...

It's a dog's life!

Jennifer said...

I never realized how active a pup could be. That's a busy day! Boy, I need to light a fire under my geriatric dogs. It has been so hot and humid all they want to do is sleep on the cool ceramic kitchen floor.

El Gaucho said...

Jennifer - I hear you. I was watching a documentary the other day (Werner Herzog's Happy People) about life on the Siberian Taiga. One of the trappers drove his snowmobile from his trapping hut into town for Christmas and his dog ran behind the snowmobile the whole way - for 150 kilometers!!! In one day! My dogs were all asleep and I told them "look, this is what a real dog does!", but they were unimpressed and napped on.

Anonymous said...

Cute photo and interpretation. I wish I still had my dogs. They were like your dogs, always having something to do. At least in their own busy way. Would a dog's life not be the best? If they were your dogs it would be.

Karen said...

Oh, your dogs are SO talented! I wish mine could shine a beam of light around the room, it would come in handy at times. That is a great picture, El Gaucho.

And in answer to your question, I think the exercise has helped with my bounce-back-a-bility quite a bit, but I haven't found an exercise yet that can protect me from flying rocks. I don't know why these things happen to me, I guess I'm a klutz.

How's your knee coming along?